barplot3d R package now available at CRAN

I finally got around to writing up my previous efforts as a R package. You can find it on CRAN right here:

It even includes a convenient function to create “legoplots” of sequence context if that’s something you want to do. As it says in the vignette that goes with the package: One must be careful when using 3D plots of any kind. It is trivial to make them cool and misleading. I hope this package and vignette enables the former and deters the latter. Good luck.

COSMIC Signature 2 in Sanger Colors
COSMIC Signature 2 in Broad Colors

## Make a pretty 3D barplot with more advanced features
          topcolors=rainbow(15),xlabels = 1:5,ylabels=LETTERS[1:3],
An arbitrary 3D plot